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boyfriend looking at pornboyfriend looking at pornboyfriend looking at pornboyfriend looking at pornboyfriend looking at pornboyfriend looking at porn

Many people enjoy watching porn. It does not mean that those people are "bad" or somehow morally corrupt. But if porn makes you uncomfortable, knowing that your husband enjoys it can put a strain on your marriage. The best way to solve your problem is to communicate openly and honestly with your husband. There are several steps you can take to find a solution to this issue.

This version of How to Get Your Husband to Stop Looking at Porn was reviewed by Jessica B. Casey on May 8, 2016.

I know that teens are not the only ones who read from “the teen’s section,” so I want to say ahead of time that this article is mainly for those who are in dating relationships and any porn issue should be handled differently if you are married. To those who have found out that the person that you are dating looks at porn, it can be hard to handle, because no matter how much you love them and want to be there for them, sometimes the best things to do are the hardest.

I personally can attest to this hardship, but if you truly love the person you’re dating, you will let them go. It will help both of you in the long run.  Porn is a huge red flag and can be a symptom of bigger problems. I’ve seen many people who struggle with porn and even masturbation and how dependent they can be on relationships for escape or even a crutch. But for the healthiest relationships down the road it is usually best if we can let go of those relationships so that they can find healing on their own.

This all may sound pretty harsh and even hard to swallow but I’ve witnessed a lot and even had experience from both sides. I have seen the part where it’s hard to let go of the guy you really like because of the red flags in his life, and I also know how important it is for a person who is struggling to face their fears and monsters head on. This is one thing that God has been teaching and showing me this past year that I need to face my giants head on with Him alone, with no roommate or relationship as my crutch. It’s hard. But I know for a fact that I have grown out of this time the most and that it’s been best for me to temporarily stay single in order to face the fears and struggles that I’ve bottled up.

But here are some questions to ask yourself to help evaluate on how you can best deal if you find yourself in a situation like this.

I know my boyfriend watches porn and it kind of freaks me out. Is a guy watching pornographic movies something to be worried about?

As I mentioned in a previous post , studies show that men do think about sex more than women. Perhaps because of this, men masturbate more than women (shocking, I bet, to anyone who’s ever met a man), which studies such as the famous “Kinsey Reports” also show. But why do some of us need porn to get the job done?

According to Nature Neuroscience , men are more responsive to sexually arousing images, as opposed to women, who are more easily satisfied using their imaginations. Men are biologically “programmed” for quick arousal in order to potentially reproduce easily and often. And online porn, of course, not only provides a deluge of visual stimulation, but is instantly accessible.

Now, there are some (like Dr. Phil, for example) who believe that watching porn is a form of cheating. I think that only makes any sense if you also believe that all masturbation is cheating – because trust me, with or without porn, no man is thinking of the same person every time he masturbates. In addition, I know of no study which has found any correlation between porn-watching and cheating in real life. In fact, I would argue that for many men, porn offers an outlet that greatly lessens the possibility of cheating.

We know the science about the harmful effects of pornography  and our simple mission, much like the TRUTH campaign against tobacco, is to educate and raise awareness on these facts so people can make an informed decision when it comes to porn.

Lately, it seems we are coming across more and more articles online that are trying to normalize porn in society and promote the massively uninformed myth that every guy “just can’t help himself” when it comes to watching porn. We came across an article on MSN titled,  15 Ways You’re Secretly Ruining Your Marriage.  Surprise surprise, #3 on the list said the following:

All we can say is wow. This article is seriously telling people that is completely normal and acceptable for their partner to separate their love and respect for them from fantasizing and watching other naked people have sex on a computer screen. All because they’re “wired for it.” We know that men deserve a lot more credit than that and women deserve a lot better too. This “he really can’t help it” mentality is a really harmful ideal that our society has when it comes to porn.

Another prime example is a popular blog article we came across called, 19 Truths About Boyfriends. The article listed 19 things about boyfriends that all girls should know. What we found listed at #13 shows another example of this twisted thinking in society:

I’m in a serious relationship with my best friend. He says that I’m the only girl he thinks about and cares about, but I’ve noticed him checking out other girls. Is it normal for guys to check out other girls even if they’re in a serious relationship? Does this mean he’s going to cheat on me? Why else would he look at them if he didn’t want to be with them? Help!!!!!

Assuming that he is totes into you, it’s still entirely normal for him to check out other girls. Ever since Grog caught a glimpse of Ug in her hot new leopard pelt as she bent over to cook that night’s sabre-tooth tiger steak, men have been, and always will be, visual creatures . And not only are men aroused by images more easily than women are, but we seem to be more sexually driven than women are. It’s a romantic notion to imagine a guy who shields his eyes from anyone but you, but such a guy is about as rare as Bigfoot.

Because it’s so typical, the fact that he looks at other women from time to time does not mean that he will cheat on you. Furthermore, trying to get an otherwise good guy to repress his natural instincts might only push him farther away.

However there is, of course, a fine line between “checking out” and “creepily oggling” other ladies. A quick glance at a bikini-clad babe passing by is one thing, but a prolonged staring session with your best friend is another. The point is that while you should cut his gazing some slack, he should also be showing some respect in your presence, appreciating you for the hot babe you are. If he can’t keep it classy, it’s time for a serious discussion.

No girl would rank the time when she walked in on her boyfriend watching porn as one of the top five best moments of her relationship. Still, the fact that your boyfriend watches porn may make you feel insecure or upset, or think that it poses a threat to your relationship. It is up to you to evaluate your values and determine whether or not porn is "okay" or "not okay". Watching porn is a common activity for men and women, not just men exclusively. It is important to recognize that if you want to accept your boyfriend's interest in pornography. This article is for people who do not think of porn as a deal breaker and would like to accept the porn into their relationship.

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