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9-3-2006  · Coaxing Knee Cartilage to Regrow . Technique Offers Long-Lasting Pain Relief, Delays Knee Replacement Surgery, Study Shows

The Truth About Testosterone . By Harry Fisch, MD, Men's Health Expert Learn the myths and misunderstandings that abound about testosterone, as well as the …

True, but that’s just half the story. Most men don’t know that depression, or depressed mood, can lower their testosterone levels. Since many men don’t recognize signs of their own depression, or are reluctant to seek help treating depression, this is a significant problem for millions of men. Sometimes restoring testosterone levels can also alleviate symptoms of depression – and sometimes alleviating the depression with psychotherapy and/or antidepressant medications can raise testosterone levels.

7. Erection-enhancing medications (such as Viagra) work whether a man has normal testosterone levels or not.

Studies show that erection-enhancing medications work best in men with testosterone levels in the normal range. Testosterone provides the necessary urge to have sex that erection-enhancing drugs cannot provide.

8. Testosterone therapy is really just a form of cosmetic pharmacology – it’s just something middle-aged men try to make themselves feel young.

March 9, 2006 -- A new study shows that regrowing knee cartilage might help people delay knee -replacement surgery.

Cartilage covers the knee's bones. With wear and tear, cartilage gradually softens, then cracks, and finally develops large holes. Without cartilage to serve as a shock absorber, knee bones rub against each other, causing pain and more damage.

The technique used in this study spurs knee cartilage to grow back, which could cut pain and improve knee function, write Kevin Stone, MD, and colleagues.

Stone's study included 125 patients who were about 46 years old, on average. Cartilage on the weight -bearing part of their knees had worn away in large patches.