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A PSP CSO file is basically a compressed version of the standard PSP ISO file. The type of PSP CSO files in the context at the moment are the are game files   These PSP CSO files are usually used to backup PSP games  or transfer it from one media to another . A CSO file usually consist games but Can also consist music , videos , movies and wallpapers . Downloadable PSP CSO files are widely available on the net. You can find 50 cent Bullet Proof ,   Harry potter and the half blood prince and many other popular PSP homebrew Games on this site.

The procedure to back up all your games using PSP CSO is quite simple . All you need to do is navigate your self to the ‘ISO ‘ folder on your PSP and copy all the files  to your PC or any other available storage media . To execute and play a PSP CSO Game on your PSP  the process is just  the reverse . Transfer the PSP CSO file from the computer to the PSP and start up you PSP and load the game from the memory stick.

The CSO format for PSP has gain all its popularity because of its smaller size and easy functionality . Smaller size of the PSP CSO file makes it more download and transfer friendly. Lot of softwares  are available on the net to convert a standard PSP ISO file to a CSO file compatible in PSP.

Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS) is a service for the deaf community paid for by the US government's Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) fund.
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PSP cso is a game format for psp games . Cso is basically compressed ISO . Click here to download Full PSP CSO games NOW ! is your personal secure storage that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately You can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC ...

Other Software. Free Share Online. A free app for uploading photos and video to the web

Sorenson VRS (SVRS) empowers deaf and hard of hearing callers, who use American Sign Language (ASL), to conduct video relay conversations with hearing persons …

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