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Bear Alignment and Brake is dedicated to Vehicle Safety and Customer Service.  Located in Corona, CA we have everything for your Brakes, Steering, Suspension and more.  In this fast pace busy world today, itʼs nice to have one place you can take your vehicle for service. That is why we are expanding our menu to full Automotive Maintenance, including Scheduled Maintenance . Call to find out more about our serviceʼs and make an appointment for a Free 84 point Preventative Maintenance Courtesy Check.

- Rotor & Drum Turning in House
- Grade Shoes and Pads
- Power Booster & Master Cylinder
- Hydraulic Systems Repair
- Brake Fluid Flush and Recharge
- Anti-Loc Brake sys
- Welding
- Catalytic Converters

- Rack-n-Pinion Steering Gear Power & Manual
- Conventional Steering Box, Power & Manual
- Idler Arm & Pitman Arm, Extreme & Standard Duty
- Tie Rods and Tie Rod Assembly
- Power Steering Fluid Flush and Recharge

- Wheel Alignment 2 & 4 Wheels
- After Market Alignment Problem Solving
- Kits & Cams
- Wheel Balancing
- Tire Rotation
- Shocks and Struts
- Ball Joints Extreme & Standard Duty
- Control Arm Bushings
- Stabilizer Bushings
- Radius Arm Bushings
- Trailing Arm Bushings
- CV Axles
- Wheel Bearings

Bored of trying out the same old curries with Brinjal/ Aubergine. Why not have a go at making this spicy tangy Brinjal Pickle?? more

In a hurry, why not cook up this simple and tasty Tomato Rice. Goes well with any yoghurt raita. more

A nutritious dal, especially with its combination of different lentils. A perfect accompaniment with plain rice. more

Another unusual dessert. This time with bread!. Never thought bread would taste so good, in a sweet dish other than bread and butter pudding! more

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Flamingo Pool Party Ideas I’m so happy to share with you this fun Flamingo Pool Party that Bethany from Auntie Bea’s Bakery hosted for her daughter’s birthday.  The printables were custom specifically for her party and coordinated with all of the cool flamingo food and treats. You can see the printables below but be sure [Read On]

Road Trip – Toy Ideas for the Car If you are like me, when you go on a family vacation – especially a road trip – you really try to make it fun for everyone.  Our family will be taking a trip to Disneyland in a few weeks and we will be making the drive [Read On]

Budget Minecraft Party Ideas It was inevitable!  I knew that one day, one of my kids was going to want a party that had been done a million times over.  You know the ones:  Frozen, Super Hero, Princess, Barbie, Lego, and more.  My kids have done all – and now it was time for Minecraft! [Read On]

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Easter is right around the corner and spring is definitely springing here in Northern California!  Spring time is so pretty here with all the bulbs and trees blooming.  I love seeing all the baby animals and sharing the story of Easter with my kids.   Once the trees start blooming, [Read On]

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NOW SHOWING NOV 11 – NOV 17. 7:00 PM: KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES: In the comedy KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES, Jeff & Karen Gaffney (Zach …

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7:00 PM: KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES In the comedy KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES , Jeff & Karen Gaffney (Zach Galifianakis & Isla Fisher), an ordinary suburban couple find it’s not easy keeping up with the Joneses (Jon Hamm & Gal Gadot), their impossibly gorgeous & ultra-sophisticated new neighbors. Karen is certain no couple is that perfect & starts keeping a close eye on the Joneses, only to discover that their hospitable new neighbors are actually covert operatives. Soon all four of them are caught up in an international espionage imbroglio. KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES ’ players are all perfectly cast & this spy spoof tale has just the right mix of scheming skullduggery, neighborhood inanity & preposterous pratfalls with even some nice messages about honesty & family thrown in. Don’t miss this comedy flick this week at the Center Theatre! 7:30 PM:  I’M NOT ASHAMED (New faith-based true story!) I’M NOT ASHAMED is a biopic about Rachel Joy Scott, who was the first student killed during the 1999 shooting spree at Columbine High School. This faith-based drama uses Scott’s diary to retell the story of her tragically short life.

Rachel loved to journal. “I’ve always been drawn to hands. I think it’s because it’s the way we touch people,” high school student Rachel Scott wrote in her journal. “If one person could go out of their way to show compassion, it could start a chain reaction.” From the time she was little, Rachel had a sense of destiny. One day when she was a young girl, she pulled her dresser out, traced her handprint on the back & wrote, “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott & will someday touch millions of people’s hearts.” It was a secret confession, one that her mother only discovered after her death.

Growing up, Rachel knew the love of God, but she wasn’t always ready to receive it. At times her faith was on fire … & at other times it was at odds with her everyday life. As she wrote in her journal: “I don’t understand why having a walk with God is so hard for me. I’m so weak; at school, with friends, at work.” Having reached a breaking point when her relationship with a non-believing boyfriend ended, Rachel found inspiration from helping a former homeless teen. After praying, “Father, use my life to touch the world & let your light shine through me,” her renewed commitment to Jesus played out compassionately & powerfully at her high school … & around the world.