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group sex ideasgroup sex ideasgroup sex ideasgroup sex ideasgroup sex ideasgroup sex ideas

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Could your sex life use a boost? It's normal for people in long-term relationships to feel like things have gotten a little (or a lot)...stale. But simply mixing it up a bit can be all it takes to reignite the spark, says Ellen Barnard , a sexuality educator and owner of the Madison, WI boutique A Woman's Touch. Shake things up by starting a bucket list with all the sexy situations you want to try (we're serious). Feel free to steal the 11 ideas below—they're guaranteed to boost your sex life and the connection between you and your partner. Now, how quickly can you check them all off?

You don't always need an occasion to have sex; doing it "just because" can majorly boost your bond in the long run, says Tammy Nelson, PhD , author of The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity . So instead of waiting for Saturday night or for when the kids are away, jump right in—right now. Need a little motivation? Sex is a great way to get rid of tension and let go of the stress of a busy day, explains Nelson. Plus, sex begets sex: Once you start having spur-of-the-moment romps, it will feel more like a habit (and get you out of that rut ). That's reason enough to rethink your usual Monday night TV plans.

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If you have a somewhat large group of people, sitting in a circle with one person ... Group sex tends to start with the idea of an intimate romantic evening ...

A Naughty Shower Sex Idea S . and D. have had sex in the shower, but they've never tried this before! Would you ever? Sex & Relationships Jan 22, 2014

SEX : SMALL GROUP ACTIVITIES AND DISCUSSION Large Group Activity (5 Minutes) Ask for a show of hands to the following questions: "How many students would

Put these relationship-strengthening types of sex on ... 11 Things You Should Definitely Put On Your Sex Bucket List ... Feel free to steal the 11 ideas below—they ...

This is like a "guess that number" but with a spot on your body. You keep one particular spot in mind and he has to kiss every part of your body until he guesses correctly. It's up to you if you want to be honest and tell him he hit the right spot, or let him keep guessing.

Set up your dining room table like a beer-pong table, but skip the brew: Arrange six 16-ounce plastic cups in a triangle shape at either end of the table, and grab some ping-pong balls. You'll stand at one end of the table, with your guy at the other. Then take turns trying to throw a ping-poll ball into the cups at the opposite end of the table from you. When one of you scores, the other has to remove that cup … and a piece of clothing. The first person to land a ball in all six cups gets to request a sexual favor of their choice.

Start with a deck of cards and assign each suit a different sexy meaning: hearts represent kissing, diamonds equal a massage, clubs are manual stimulation, and spades mean oral. Take turns picking cards from the stack and treating each other to the sexy move you draw. The numbers on the cards represent how long you have to do each action — so if you get the nine of diamonds, he has to give you a sensual rubdown for nine seconds. If he picks the ace of clubs, you give him a one-second hand-job (boo, but hey, that's the way the cards were dealt).

Lie naked in bed and have your guy stand at the doorway to the bedroom. Test how well he knows you by asking him questions about yourself — they can range from sexy (what's your favorite position) to personal (name your dream vacation spot). For each correct answer, he gets to move one step closer to you; if he's wrong, he takes a step back. Once he correctly answers enough questions to reach the bed, go at it. The teasing aspect will drive up his lust, and he'll also learn new things about you.

Start slow, but for heaven's sake, do start. Most people aren't going to be comfortable stripping off their clothes immediately and fucking, but nothing makes people feel shyer than sitting around staring at each other and not knowing what to do next. Backrubs and footrubs are wonderful icebreakers - try suggesting them. Silly party games can work pretty well, too.

(Actually, there are a lot of somewhat gimmicky things that can help break the ice. Undressing is sometimes awkward - wearing togas, or appearing in some other state of semi undress or at least not standard dress can get past it. Eating strawberries and whipped cream off one person can get things moving. The list is endless - imagination can be a wonderful thing.)

If you have a somewhat large group of people, sitting in a circle with one person (which one is alternated, usually) in the center can be a good way to have fun and still keep the group together. It's very important the central person, in particular, expresses what is and what isn't okay with them - getting all that attention can be nice, but it can also be a little overwhelming. (in my experience, such arrangements usually break up into less formal clusters of people after a certain amount of momentum is achieved - but it's a great way to get moving.)

Remember that the other people there are probably just as shy and insecure as you are. Try to make them feel welcome, and cut everyone some slack. When people are nervous, it can be easy to say the wrong thing.