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Through our local Independent Dealers, DeTech is busy providing free educational programs to individual families, businesses, churches, civic and social groups. The threat of fire, and how to get your family safely out of a burning home does not have to be something you worry about every night when you go to sleep. Our experts can show you how education and technology can combine to give you the peace of mind you want.

It is our mission to get the latest life-safety information into the hands of every parent. It is our belief that if we provide free educational services through our trained professionals, we can help every family make the best decisions about the protection they need and deserve.

We also hope that you will give us the chance to earn your families trust in our local professionals and quality products that are second to none when it comes to protecting lives from fire. Our local Independent Dealers each make the promise to make quality protection affordable for every family.

Bazuar në novelën Kineze të shekullit të 16-të të Feng Zan Zi (Pushteti I Perëndive), historia tregon se si mbreti Zhou i Shangut bëhet tiran falë dredhive të Dajit, një dhelpër e cila është...

Një agjenci qeveritare sekrete rekruton super-kriminelët e burgosur për të ekzekutar misione sekrete qeveritare, në shkëmbim të mëshirës.

Në një teatër të pushtuar, mbushur me shpirtra hakmarrës të një trupe performuesish të vrarë tragjikisht para 13 vjetësh nga zjarri, fantazmat presin që ai teatër luksoz të rihapet me një shfaqje të re...

Një thertore e braktisur prej kohësh është shndërruar në apartamente moderne në një lagje të re urbane. Shpejt pasi ato banohen, njerëzit përndiqen nga një sekret i zi i cili ka mbetur aty prej...

There’s a treasure awaiting you at Paxton, Nebraska. At the I-80 exit 145, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a comfortable, interesting, downright pleasurable stop on your road to anywhere. It all comes under the heading of Ole’s. Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge in downtown Paxton has been known for eight decades as a place where good friends gather, enjoy each other’s company, grab a bite to eat, play KENO and spin a yarn or two. More than 200 big game trophies and countless mementos of Ole’s worldwide safaris make this visit to history and adventure a treat for the whole family.

What can you learn about your health from your tongue?   Your tongue can be a big & helpful indicator for your doctor to tell about your  overall health.       Watch this informational video from Dr. Wiggy to learn more about this and check out his channel on youtube for many more videos on [...]

At Robinhood Integrative Health, we’re absolutely crazy. Crazy about hormone therapy that is. And, we’re ok with that. Do you know why? Because being crazy is different than being insane.  The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Unfortunately, that’s all too common in the world of [...]

It is with great pleasure that we are the first practice  in the region to provide patients with the HALO Breast PapTest.  The HALO is the only fully automated, noninvasive NAF (Nipple Aspirate Fluid) collection system designed for use in the primary care office. It is quite likely that you have not heard about the [...]

If you were to name some common allergies, what would you list? Probably the ones that come to mind are things like, pollen, bee stings, cats, and similar things.  You may have thought about food allergies as well.  Most people know someone  allergic to some kind of food such as peanuts. There is one thing [...]

A 600 acres sanctuary and holistic retreat center with turn of century Summer Cottage charm, Mt Greylock & October Mountain Views and miles of hiking trails. We look forward to making your visit to Eastover, Berkshire a most memorable one.  

DeTech Inc. has saved over 260 lives with industry's most unique smoke detectors, heat detectors & fire extinguishers. See our finest home fire safety equipment today.

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Go On Then, What Are You Ki... By TheTeapot 08 Nov 2016; The Internets Finest Hour. Found any good sites recently that you'd like to share with everyone?

Family eatery showcases mounts and memorabilia from worldwide hunting adventures, catering, lodging, an RV park and golf driving range. Includes history, a menu ...

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Join me for my plein air landscape painting workshops hosted at many extraordinary places throughout Arizona and Idaho.

Electronic artist Unbloom premiere’s a new song today entitled ‘They‘. The vocal track features the talent of...

On any given evening in London Ontario, enthusiastic concert-goers quietly gather at backdoors and private entrances to support...

Are you a London Ontario Band, DJ or Musician? If so, submit your name to Indie Underground’s London Music...

The newest trend in indie videos, fuzzy VHS tracking. Seen in this funky / psych video for the song, “Fire Doesn’t...