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Sky 's the limit — Sky ’s network-level porn filters now “default on” for new UK customers Smut-loving Sky Broadband subscribers told to opt in to access porn .

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Sky Broadband's long-threatened move to automatically switch on its porn filter for new customers is finally happening.

What's more, the company has said it will also be contacting every existing broadband customer "over the coming months" to ask them to make a decision on whether or not to adopt the filter, dubbed Shield. If a user doesn't respond, the filter will automatically kick in—meaning that all Sky customers will ultimately have to make an active decision to ask to be allowed to access porn, or any other content Sky considers to be unsuitable for youngsters.

The company claims that the auto-on filter "ensures a safer Internet experience for millions of homes."

In a trial last year, Sky found that switching the filter on for some customers "delivered much higher engagement" with its Shield software, according to the firm's brand director Lyssa McGowan. Around two-thirds of households still make use of it, she said.