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You don’t have to be Betty Friedan to realize that women are objectified in many forms of entertainment, especially in the still-male dominated world of video games. But rarely is the objectification as overt as in Rumble Roses XX , which invites you to dress up well-endowed young women in barely-there bikinis and costumes, take pictures of their provocative poses, and trade them with friends over the Internet. All this in a wrestling game.

If just the thought of this or a game obsessed with bouncing breasts and zoomed in crotch shots makes you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable, you should probably steer clear of Roses —a skin-deep game that delivers stunning graphics and a few of the tacky thrills that can be expected of an all-women’s wrestling title featuring a bosomy blonde cowgirl as the cover model.

Of course, you should probably steer clear of the game anyway. The tired gameplay certainly seems a secondary concern to the developers. Sure, there is a mediocre wrestling game in here somewhere, but Rumble Roses ‘s main concern is with women, or more specifically, their well-rounded body parts.

The 20 or so characters are a bizarre mix of sexual fantasy clichés: the naughty nurse, the young Japanese schoolgirl, the pigtail-wearing “barely legal” redhead, the masked S&M freak, and, of course, the hot teacher (who dances in a music video so close to Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher”, I kept waiting for a David Lee Roth cameo).

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Benikage (previously called “Bloody Shadow” [2] ) is a playable character in both the original Rumble Roses in 2004 and sequel Rumble Roses XX in 2006. She fights under the subtitle of "Kunoichi" (a female ninja). Her Japanese voice actress is Aki Sasaki. She was dubbed by Lenne Hardt in the first game, with Jessica Gee voicing her in the sequel. [3] [4]

A mysterious woman with no name or past... Benikage (aka "Bloody Shadow" ) is an agent of the "Otugumi", a modern day Ninja Unit that trained her in the arts of Ninjitsu.

She was sent by the Japanese Government to investigate the activities of the Rumble Roses Organization (while posing as a competitor in the Rose Tournament). Her ultimate goal is to uncover what is really going on behind the scenes... [5]

As she learns more about what is going on, she finds that Anesthesia is at the heart of the all the turmoil being caused around her. She repeatedly crosses paths with the Nurse, and at each encounter grows increasingly outraged by her inhumane and unethical work. Once she becomes aware of the extent of Anesthesia's machinations (such as experimenting on Fujiko Hinomoto to turn her into Evil Rose ), Benikage concludes that she is totally evil! [6]

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Schoolgirl, nurse, cowgirl, ninja. Whatever your fetish, Rumble Roses XX has it. Unfortunately, what the first "wrestling" title on the Xbox 360 doesn't have is stirring gameplay, an interesting story or any real lasting value. To Konami's credit, all it wanted to do was create interactive girl-on-girl action, and in that, at least, Konami succeeded.

In terms of a pure wrestling title, Rumble Roses XX , which is more of a "port-and-a-half" than a true sequel to 2004's Rumble Roses, squeaks by with a simplified version of the Smackdown engine. The controls are tight and easy: press X to strike and Y to grapple. Right Bumper is used to block and, in combination with X and Y, triggers a reversal, which is the bread and butter of the Smackdown engine.

Being a next-generation game and all, you'd expect RRXX to have some standout next-generation features like create-a-crotch-exposing-submission-hold or even create-an-undergarment, but you'd be wrong. RRXX is basic Rumble Roses at heart: a number of female combatants and their respective alter egos, very few game modes and environments and a complete lack of story.

RRXX does utilize some nice features on Xbox Live. Obviously, playing half-naked catfight is more fun online than by yourself in a dark room, and the Xbox Live servers performed well with only a few instances of lag. There's a strange Konami ranking system at work, starting you out at the letter grade F and moving you up to A and then, finally, the S grade, whatever that means. Also, you can take still-shots of your customized Rose and share them online, although we are pretty sure this violates about four laws in the state of Utah -- we're still checking.

The vixens of wrestling are back. Sure Rumble Roses XX delivers the visual "enhancements" that you would expect for a next generation game, but this is more than just another pretty face. Get in the ring and unload submission holds, reversals, and an increased number of other new moves to take down your opponent. Go online and team up with another beauty in the all-new Tag Team mode or compete in a free-for-all to determine who is Queen in the all-new Battle Royal mode. Fight fair or fight dirty - humiliation is the name of the game.

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In Rumble Roses XX , any two characters can team up to fight cooperatively as a tag-team (either against another team or against a single fighter in a Handicap Match . Most have an assigned tag partner from the start. Those that don't (as well as the created fighters) are assigned Reiko as a default partner. This setting can be changed at the player's discretion. [1]

Randomly paired characters (including player created ones) all come out to the same introduction and arrival, and will strike the same victory pose after winning. Official Tag-Teams have unique arrivals (including in-ring antics), along with specific music and victory poses [2] .

The type of relationship between two fighters is the main factor in deciding how the two work together, even more so that the moral alignment of the two characters. The majority of the established Tag Teams are composed of either two Babyfaces or two Heels, with only two teams having a Heel and Face. It's worth noting that while both 'mixed' teams don't get along, it's because of their personal history together and not their alignment.

A tag team throw that can be performed while facing the front of the team's standing opponent. The partner begins the move by clubbing their opponent's back, which forces them to stumble toward the player. The player then lifts her opponent up by the thighs, as her partner applies an inverted facelock on her opponent. The team holds their opponent horizontally off of the ground for several moments. Then at the same time, both wrestlers turn toward the same side and fall backwards, throwing their opponent over their heads down to the mat back-first. The move concludes with their opponent massaging their back, moaning in pain.

This is a list of all the characters from Rumble Roses (2004) and Rumble Roses XX (2006), who either appeared or where mentioned in the games. This includes both the wrestlers and other characters (both playable and non-playable), such as the followers shown with them in certain scenes.

These are all the wrestlers (both Babyfaces & Heels) in both games that can be accessed and used by the player in matches. While most of them are able to fully compete in the games, there are some that are limited to fighting in Exhibition Matches.

These are the non-playable characters (NPCs) that appear with the wrestlers in their intros. They are usually their enterage, back-up performers, or followers. The exception to this is Benikage/Yasha, where the NPCs are the enemy of the player characters.

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At the Exhibition mode character selection screen, highlight Black Belt Demon, then hold LT and press A.

At the Exhibition mode character selection screen, highlight Mistress, then hold LT and press A.

Play as any character in their unique swimsuit at the Skyscraper, Red Valley, Arena, Street, and Island Resort stages to unlock that swimsuit for purchase for any character for 9,000 in the shop.