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Embark on an unforgettable week aboard one of the world’s greatest ships sailing to some of the world’s great cities. Hear echoes of ancient gladiators in the Roman Colosseum, visit the cathedrals and castles of Naples, wander the ancient cobblestone streets of Palma de Majorca and gaze up at the awe-inspiring spires of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Home to white sand beaches and dramatic mountains rising out of turquoise waters, Palawan in the Philippines has been named the world's best island for the second time.

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Karaoke is about as ubiquitous as, well, there are bars. Maybe that's because any night of the week, there's a lounge nearby offering up the umpteenth rendition of "I Will Survive." And to single out the top places in San Diego to sing karaoke is a subjective task, at best, and I'm bound to tick off some karaoke rat. But there are several places around town acknowledged as "karaoke palaces" and I'll try and point out some of them here. Call locations for karaoke nights and times.

This karaoke bar is unique in that you can rent rooms to sing in with just your friends, making it great for parties of any kind. While hanging out in your personal karaoke room that has a large screen TV and fun lighting, you can order drinks and get some food from the snack bar. You can even bring in your own food making it a more economical option for parties. The karaoke list is extensive and is offered in multiple languages. 7578 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, 858-292-1945. More »

The Lamplighter is the quintessential karaoke bar: an aged neighborhood haunt in University Heights that comes alive when the karaoke starts. The bar has a large stage in one corner that is elevated a significant amount among the bar patrons, meaning singers are on high-display. If you have dreams of being a world-famous singer, this is the place to act them out. If you make the rounds for karaoke, this is a must stop, attracting a diverse clientele of singers -- or near-singers. It's also a fun night out for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and a unique date night (put on one of those romantic duets and sing together). Karaoke is offered nightly starting at 9 p.m., but you may want to get there early as its singing list fills up fast. And remember cash, as the Lamplighter is a cash-only bar (it has an ATM inside). 817 W Washington, San Diego, 619-298-3624. More »

For those who enjoy hanging out in the popular urban North Park neighborhood , you don't need to go far to find karaoke thanks to Redwing Bar and Grill. Order a burger and put your name on the list to sing some karaoke, which starts at 9 p.m. every night. Redwing Bar and Grill also has a trivia night each week. 4012 30th Street, San Diego, 619-281-8700.  More »

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You want secret spots in San Diego? Let me now challenge you as a non-native: do you know where more than one of my secret spots are located? Have you been there? If so, then I take my hat off to you. If not, my challenge remains intact, and I will remain the definitive San Diego expert . Finally, if you think you’ve got a better spot or spots as I did before I wrote this article, put your money where your mouth is, and let me know in the comments, because chances are, I already know it!

Do you know where the best place to watch the sun set is in San Diego? Even though it’s a tough call, I do. It’s atop Broken Hill at Torrey Pines State Reserve . Torrey Pines has two things: the rarest pine tree in the nation, and amazing sculpted sand cliffs. Interestingly enough, these sedimentary rocks used to be the ocean seafloor millions of years ago. The best place to see these two things? Broken Hill.

Follow the trail to the overlook at the end , and you’ll learn why it’s called Broken Hill, because you’ll be sitting high on the edge of the “broken” or missing piece. From this point, the very bones of the earth seem exposed, and you feel like a bird, floating high over the Pacific which stretches out before you. My tip: take dinner, have a seat, and watch the world turn on a summer’s night.

Ever heard of a little thing called the San Diego Zoo ? Of course you have. It world-famous. Before it was world famous, it was just a zoo. As just a zoo, it had an escapee. A deer. Did that deer make it far away from the zoo? No. It settled in Presidio Park , right next to Mission Hills, which is where it lived peacefully for years until it met with an unlucky end. Rather than that being the end though, it decided to come back and haunt where it had lived – which it still does to this day. If you go to the right spot in the park, you’ll find a plaque and a water bowl for the ghost deer to this day. (More information here ). My tip: once you’ve found the bowl and plaque, head into Hillcrest for some food, because you’ll be hungry. My favorite spot: R-Gang Eatery .

Eddie Redmayne stars in the much-anticipated prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a film featuring a new cast of characters but lacking the magic of the original Harry Potter adventures. More 5:00 AM ET read comments

A single drop of milk. A newborn baby. The ravages of war and terrorism. The defiance of those who protest and the fear of those entrapped: all are included in a new project featuring Time magazine's most influential images of all time. More Nov 17

Jennifer Lopez surprised guests at the 17th annual Latin Grammy Awards Thursday when she performed with and presented an award to her ex-husband Marc Anthony. More 12:43 AM ET

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We have a new Festival footprint here at the SDiFF! There will be 2 festival villages. The historic Gaslamp Quarter – San Diego’s premiere entertainment district and the ArcLight Cinemas in the seaside community of La Jolla.

Immerse yourself in five days of movies, movies, movies. Be among the first to see the best independent filmmakers and studios have to offer. Hear from filmmakers, actors and industry leaders. And don’t forget the SDiFF parties too!

The San Diego Int'l Film Festival currently produced by the San Diego Film Foundation, is the region's premier showcase for outstanding U.S. and International independent filmmaking. The five-day event is an entertaining, enlightening and educational gathering that embraces the region's diverse cultural landscape, enhances the art community and expands the economic vitality of San Diego.

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San Diego beaches might not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about this Southern California city, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your time. Quite the opposite actually, local beaches offer the chance to escape the bustling streets of San Diego for a few days of soaking up the sun. However, just like other places in Southern California, not all beaches are created equal. A surfer will have a different idea about the best beach in San Diego than a family looking for somewhere quiet and safe. No matter what type of beach fits your fancy, San Diego has one to offer.

One of the most famous San Diego beaches is Coronado Beach. This beach is well known for being one of the finest beaches in California —and in the whole country. On a basic level, this beach is wide, well-maintained, and family friendly, but there’s more too: The community of Coronado adds another element of mansions lining the ocean and yacht clubs lining the bay. Beyond sunbathing and swimming, there’s plenty to do at Coronado Beach including al fresco dining, working on your skills at the skate park, or simply taking in the sunset.

Some locals might choose Mission Beach as the best beach in San Diego. Many visitors compare this beach to places on the east coast, including Coney Island or Atlantic City. At Mission Beach you will find nightlife, entertainment, and some great surfing too. If you’re looking for that quiet, picturesque beach, Mission Beach isn’t the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want a destination that has more to offer than just a patch of sand for sunbathing, you might be interested in Mission Beach. For surf shops and beach bars, Mission Beach is a perfect match.

Another of the most popular San Diego beaches is Pacific Beach. Here, young people are attracted by the three-mile long boardwalk packed with beach bars. Not only is Pacific Beach a great place to sunbathe and swim, but you will also find surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding too. After an active day, the beach bars on the boardwalk are the perfect place to unwind with a drink. Shopping, eating, and music all round out the entertainment available at Pacific Beach. Parking here can be difficult, so arrive early to avoid this common problem.

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San Diego is a large and pleasant coastal city right on the Pacific Ocean in Southern California . It's home to 1.3 million citizens and the second-largest city in the state with many universities and good swimming beaches. It's also known for its ideal climate, bio and communications technologies, long history, nightlife, outdoor culture and ethnic diversity.

The city sits just north of the Mexican border, across from Tijuana . Though a large city, San Diego has a somewhat slower paced atmosphere and, when visiting, some may find it provides a soothing break from the typical hustle-bustle of a city of its size.

San Diego is seamlessly divided into districts comprising each of charming individual neighborhoods.

This list of districts is by no means an official breakdown of the city, but one that is meant to make sense from the standpoint of a visitor, based on the number of attractions the average visitor will find in each area.

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